Driving change in the automotive industry

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment is reflected across our operations and our products. We are focused on helping create a more sustainable future for our planet and the automotive industry.

DuPont 2023 Sustainability Report

Sustainability in the Automotive Industry 

DuPont is committed to developing materials and technologies that address key customer and industry challenges, providing sustainable advanced mobility solutions that don’t compromise on safety, durability, or performance.   

For example, we have developed adhesives to facilitate battery disassembly and repair. And our new BETAMATE™ broad-bake structural adhesives cure at lower temperatures, enabling shorter oven cycle times and reduced oven temperature, which results in significant energy savings for our customers. At the same time, these adhesives maintain industry-leading bond quality throughout the vehicle’s projected lifetime.

As global environmental regulations evolve to address complex challenges, innovation is key. Backed by a long and rich heritage of science and research, we help empower our customers and the industry to reach their sustainability and performance goals. We are focused on addressing climate change, promoting a circular economy, and engineering safer vehicles from the ground up to build a more sustainable future together. 


Our Sustainability Commitments

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Acting on Climate

Generate Life Cycle Assessment data to identify how to further reduce our carbon footprint, enable digital product passport, and develop energy-saving solutions reducing emissions, waste, and water use.

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Enabling a Circular Economy

Reduce landfill waste by using recyclable materials, and enhance the durability and lifespan of vehicles and batteries.


Safe and Sustainable by Design

Foster sustainable supply chains, use bio-based and renewable materials, and reduce or eliminate substances of concern.

BETAMATE™ broad bake adhesives

Offering a sustainable advantage

Meet your manufacturing energy-saving goals with BETAMATE™ broad bake adhesives, which reduce the need for sustained e-coat oven temperatures.

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