BETASEAL™ adhesives

For decades, BETASEAL™ adhesives have been used to bond stationary glass in vehicles. Today, it is also used to seal and fill gaps in electric vehicle battery packs. 

BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems consist of BETAPRIME™ primers, and BETACLEAN™ cleaners, and BETASEAL™ urethane adhesives to provide a total solution for glass bonding applications. Innovative formulations provide a wide range of mechanical properties to suit all manufacturer requirements and are compatible with all vehicle production processes.



  • Electric vehicle battery packs
  • Windscreens
  • Backlites
  • Quarter glass
  • Modular roof assemblies
  • Sunroof assemblies
  • Glass hardware
  • Door glass
  • Mixed-material bonding


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High modulus

Cold- and warm-applied systems  icon

Cold- & warm-applied systems

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Meets OEM specifications

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Used with all production processes


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