BETATECH™ thermal interface material

Maintains thermal conductivity in EV batteries to help control temperature. Thermal management for battery modules is essential to safety and long service life. Dispensable BETATECH™ offers significant advantages when applied between the battery cells and the cooling plate as part of the assembly process. BETATECH™ is part of our AHEAD™ initiative, which demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of the mobility market.



  • To support thermal management in the battery pack assembly


Non-abrasive formulation  icon

Non-abrasive formulation

No equipment wear

Quick dispensing icon

Quick dispensing

Compatible with compression or injection process 

Fast joining icon

Fast joining

Low press-in force

No sagging icon

No sagging

In vertical aging test

Long open time  icon

Long open time

More than 30 minutes

No physical change icon

No physical change

Over aging

Repairable icon


Low pull-out force


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