Electrical Power Applications

Tedlar® Ideal for High Voltage Electrical Power Applications

DuPont™ Tedlar® high temperature and chemical resistant properties make it ideal for use in high voltage electrical power applications.

Release Films

The properties of DuPont™ Tedlar® release film make it ideal for use in the curing process of demanding high voltage electrical power applications. These include large turbine generators used in winding/stator insulation with epoxy-mica and epoxy-glass compounds. 

Tedlar® release films are designed to contain resins during the autoclave curing process and have excellent anti-stick properties for both epoxy-blend insulations and high temperature autoclave fluids, which facilitate removal. 

Protective Films

Tedlar® is also used as a protective overwrap in large conductor insulation systems such as those used in downhole cables and oil-well power cables. It is ideal for these applications because of its excellent high temperature capability combined with chemical resistance in harsh environments.