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Primerless, compatible, versatile

A durable, versatile, self-adhering transition flashing designed for use as thru-wall flashing, wall-roof interfaces, and around windows and doors. Compatible with other DuPont commercial products.


DuPont™ DuraGard™ CM Transition Flashing

DuPont™ DuraGard™ CM Transition Flashing is a multipurpose, self-adhered flashing that utilizes a modified butyl adhesive to achieve primerless adhesion to most substrates above 40° F. It is a flashing that can be used in multiple applications from through-wall flashing and wall transitions to roof and below-grade systems.


Features & benefits

Proven compatibility
  • Polyester fiber topsheet enables good adhesion with most sealants
  • When used in approved DuPont commercial wall systems, complies with AAMA 711-20, ASTM E2357, ASTM E331, ASTM E283
  • Jobsite versatility
  • Available in six widths ranging from 6" to 36" (152 mm to 914 mm)
  • Evaluated for use as a multipurpose accessory for air and water barrier assemblies
  • Superior durability
  • Can withstand up to 180 days of UV exposure
  • Polypropylene interlayer provides added robustness and resiliency
  • Robust adhesion
  • Modified butyl adhesive adheres to most commercial substrates above 40° F (4° C) without need for a primer
  • Non-asphaltic adhesive
  • Suitable for low-temp applications down to 20° F (-7° C)

    Physical Properties

      Method Unit Value
    Face Sheet<sup></sup> - - Polyester fiber
    Adhesive<sup></sup> - - Modified butyl
    Thickness<sup></sup> ASTM D751 mils 45
    Service Temperature Range<sup></sup> - °F -40 to 250
    UV Exposure<sup></sup> - days 180
    Shelf Life<sup></sup> - years 2

    Available Sizes

    Width (in.) Length (ft.) Packaging
    24 75 2 rolls/box
    36 75 1 roll/box

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    Introducing DuPont™ DuraGard™ CM Transition Flashing

    "Not only does DuraGard™ CM's seamless compatibility with the DuPont commercial construction portfolio help lead to time and cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple suppliers, it also enables us to offer system warranty options with a single point of contact."

    Kieran Carlisle, DuPont Performance Building Solutions North American commercial market manager

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