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Flashing for non-flanged and brick mold windows and doors

Engineered to protect windows and doors in brick facades from wind-driven rain and to integrate them with the building envelope, DuPont™ VersaFlange™ features a dual-sided butyl adhesive and release system for easy installation.


DuPont™ VersaFlange™

DuPont™ VersaFlange™ is an innovative, dual-sided self-adhered flashing material that provides a reliable moisture seal and superior protection against the elements. It is specially designed to integrate brick mold, nonintegral flanged and nonflanged windows and doors with the building envelope. With its unique dual-sided adhesive and specially designed release papers, DuPont™ VersaFlange™ helps you protect against bulk water leaks by quickly and easily tying the window or door frame directly to the sheathing or water-resistive barrier.


Features & benefits

Superior durabilty
  • Can withstand up to 270 days of UV exposure
  • Tear-resistant
  • Quick-release scored backlog
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Performs through extreme temperatures

    Physical Properties

      Method Unit Value
    Face Sheet<sup></sup> - - Spunbonded polyethylene laminate (white)
    Adhesive<sup></sup> - - Transposed dual sided adhesive for continuous integration; Butyl rubber (black)
    Thickness<sup></sup> - mil (microns) 30 (760)
    Release Liner<sup></sup> - - 2-piece, heavy-duty siliconized, scored release paper
    Applications<sup></sup> - - Brick mold, non-integral flanged and non-flanged rectangular windows and doors.
    UV Resistance<sup></sup> - - Cover in 270 days
    Water Vapor Permeability<sup></sup> ASTM E96 perm < 1