Solar PV Backsheets: A Key Contributor in Ensuring Lifetime and Power Output

DuPont offers Tedlar® PVF film for two types of backsheet constructions


What is a solar backsheet?

Backsheets are the outermost “layer” for a solar panel, the first line of defense for solar cells.  They play a critical role in protecting solar panels from harsh, varying environmental conditions over panel lifetimes.

Not all backsheets are created equal. In order to protect a panel for more than 25 years, a backsheet must have the optimal balance of three critical properties: weatherability, mechanical strength and adhesion. These properties must be maintained over the service life of the module.

Backsheet related failures can lead to catastrophic breakdown of panels, significant power degradation and severe safety hazards. The impact can be significant, ranging from severe brand and reputation losses to bodily harm.

Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheet is the industry standard for solar backsheets

Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheet designs have been in the field for more than 30 years in different climates, including deserts, tropical locations, seashores, and mountainous terrains. They have protected millions of solar panels across multiple geographies.

It is only Tedlar® backsheets, which are field proven and have demonstrated critical, long-life panel performance, protecting the system and enabling long-term returns.

Tedlar® TPT Backsheet

  • In harsh climates, it offers the best protection from UV, thermal, moisture, mechanical and chemical stress
  • Inner Tedlar® PVF film is more stable under heat and UV exposure than single-sided tie layers

Tedlar® TPE Backsheet

  • Critical outer layer features Tedlar® PVF film that has protected solar modules for more than 30 years
  • It offers the best balance of properties in single-sided backsheets for general-purpose applications

Tedlar® based backsheets provide critical, long-life protection to the module, safeguarding the system and enabling long-term PV system returns.