DuPont™ Tedlar®

Designed to endure, day after day

For over 35 years, DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF
film-based backsheets have and continue
to maximize durability and reliability and
minimize system defects.

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Durability Matters

Comparison of Backsheet Film Defect Rates
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  • 10
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  • 20
  • 25
  • 80

Tedlar® film-based backsheets

The Leader in Backsheet Durability Over Time

Less than 0.05% of Tedlar-based backsheets showed defects in global field inspections:

Since 2011, DuPont has conducted inspections of fielded solar modules in different geographies and climates in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. To date, DuPont has surveyed over 4.2 million panels from 275 solar fields and 79 module manufacturers, accounting for over 1.04 GW.

Tedlar® PVF backsheets maintain low 0.05% defect rates despite being the oldest installations dating back 35 years.

PVDF and Polyamide backsheet defects increased by 51% and 18% since last year.
And compared to Tedlar® backsheets, defect rates for PVDF and PET backsheets were 200 and 70 times higher.


Tedlar® Around the World

DuPont Tedlar® supports established solar economies and continues to make advances in the solar industry. Read more

Tedlar® Around the World

China leads the world in its rapidly growing population, economy, and energy consumption and production, and the Chinese government has aimed to achieve 15% total energy consumption from non-fossil fuels by 2020.

We’ve provided superior backsheet materials on a massive scale and collaborate on field research for performance analysis and optimization to help them achieve their expansion goals. 

Tedlar® Around the World

Frequent sandstorms and strong UV rays are the types of severe conditions that solar panels in Western China are expected to withstand for 20 to 30 years.

In competitive backsheets, this caused quality issues, including significant or complete power loss and faster degradation after less than 5 years

Tedlar® Around the World

Given these extreme climates, it’s even more critical that PV systems use materials proven to perform in similar environments.


If you see degradation of panels:  Log onto our Solar Panel Self-Diagnostic Tool and our experts will guide you through steps to identifying and correcting problems.

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Real World Durability Issues

What happens when you mix environmental factors with a backsheet ?


To understand how backsheets are performing around the world, we surveyed and tested competitively installed backsheets. In those backsheets that didn’t use Tedlar®, we found many early signs of visual defects and degradation, including in installations only 3 to 5 years old.

The Industry Choice


DuPont™ Tedlar® has the lowest failure rate in the industry despite being in the field longer than any of our competitors. In some cases, over 35 years.


Our Materials Avoid Defects

DuPont™ Tedlar® is proven to experience 50% less power loss over competitor backsheets, and have been in the field over 35 years with no observable changes.

  • DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd) performed an independent test for reliability of commercial PV modules with PVDF, PET and DuPont Tedlar® PVF-based backsheets using our renowned MAST (module accelerated sequential) process to determine reliability under the extreme climatic conditions solar panels operate within. Read more about MAST testing.

  • Testing revealed that in the modules made with PVDF backsheets, visible cracks, indicating weak mechanical strength appeared.

  • Findings for PET-based backsheets showed significant yellowing in the test, a sign of polymer degradation and mechanical weakening. Learn about other PV module failures

  • The Tedlar® PVF-based backsheets showed no changes.

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Over 22% of modules being used in the field have visual defects

  • Over 22% of modules in use today have visual defects and irregularities. Most module defects involve the backsheet, putting safety and power generation at substantial risk. Defects reduce overall efficiency – pushing costs upward and limiting lifespan of the system.


Clear DuPont™ Tedlar®

Clear Tedlar® film for backsheets: A game changer for bifacial panels


Compared to dual glass bifacial, panels made with Clear Tedlar® backsheet are lighterweight, easier to install, transport, maintain and clean, helping to lower both the LCOE and total ownership costs.



Tedlar® PVF Films for Industrial Applications

DuPont™ Tedlar® is a highly versatile, polyvinyl fluoride film that provides a long-lasting finish to a wide variety of surfaces exposed to harsh environments while its inert, non-stick properties make it an excellent release film for parts processed under high temperature and pressure. Find out more about Tedlar®

Tedlar® protects more than just the future of energy.