Module Accelerated Sequential Testing (MAST)

The Benchmark in Solar Panel Testing


Materials matter when they consistently pass tests made to ensure durability and performance over time in a rigorous solar panel review standard called Module Accelerated Sequential Testing (MAST).
DuPont MAST is the new standard in solar panel testing.


Simulating real-world conditions, solar modules with DuPont materials are put through MAST and experience multiple aging stresses such as UV, heat, cold, moisture, and thermal cycling.
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The results are the reason that most solar panels in the world are made with DuPont materials.
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Throughout the MAST process, sequential stress and climate tests are repeated, which mimic elements that could lead to substantial material failure. This is the best predictor of long-term field endurance and durability in solar panels.


Hours in a

Humidity Chamber

(amount to 25+ years of stress)



Stress Cycles

(mimics thermal stresses seen in field)


Hours in a

UVA Chamber

(equaling 24 years of UV stress)

MAST has shown Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets outperformed all competitive backsheets



Dupont Photovoltaic Solutions has spent the past 40 years developing, refining, and standardizing accelerated testing protocols that correlate to long-term field performance.


By using proven materials and adopting MAST standards, failures and loss are minimized, but lasting value is ensured, day after day.