DuPont MAST - Introducing the new solar panel testing standard

Current solar panel testing standards have proven to be insufficient in predicting material durability and long-term field performance, causing a variety of failures primarily found in PVDF, PET, and PA-based backsheets. These backsheets may have passed IEC and solar module manufacturer requirements, but those PV test standards are not rigorous enough. It can take years for new materials to fail in the field, and current qualification and single stress PV tests do not consider long-term performance of materials.

Introducing DuPont MAST: The New Standard in Solar Panel Testing

Understanding the critical importance of testing to ensure durability and performance over time, DuPont has introduced a rigorous new solar panel testing standard called Module Accelerated Sequential Testing (MAST). MAST simulates real-world conditions, combining multiple aging stresses such as UV, heat, cold, moisture, and thermal cycling and applying them to the same module.

MAST is the best predictor of long-term reliability, simulating real-world conditions by repeating multiple field-aging stresses.

With MAST, sequential tests are repeated, mimicking field degradation not detected by single stress tests and current industry standards. It is proven to be the best predictor of long-term reliability, due to the thoroughness and prolonged aging stresses materials are subjected to in real world environments, including:

  • 1000 Hours in a Humidity Chamber (amount to 25+ years of stress)
  • 600 Thermal Stress Cycles (mimics thermal stresses seen in field)
  • 1676 Hours in a UV Xenon Chamber (equaling 20 years of UV stress)

Tedlar® Backsheets Subjected to MAST to Ensure Long Term Performance

Materials Matter™ – DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets have passed DuPont Module Accelerated Sequential Tests, offering the optimal balance of properties for weatherability, adhesion, and mechanical strength.

Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets demonstrate the best balance of properties across all tests required for long module lifetimes.

MAST has shown Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets have consistently outperformed all competitive backsheets in solar panel testing, which can also be attributed to the quality of materials and proven performance over time in harsh, real world environments.

The Call to Adopt New Solar Panel Testing Standards

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions has spent the past 40 years developing, refining, and standardizing accelerated testing protocols that correlate to field performance and long-term reliability, and the industry is being urged to adopt these same improved solar panel testing standards. By using proven materials and adopting these standards (MAST), failures are minimized and lasting value is ensured, day after day.