Longer Panel Lifetime Provides Greater Investment Returns

Return on Investment (ROI) Depends on PV Materials Selection

Protecting your investment, brand, and reputation requires extreme care when selecting solar panels. Varied and unpredictable climates demand that solar panels be equipped with proven and reliable materials to perform over 25 years.

For an incremental investment, you can help protect your company and customers from expensive failures and safety issues. The lifetime gains and financial benefits far outweigh the investment differential in higher quality materials. In today’s dynamic market environment, it makes good sense to offer solar panels with material that will stand the test of time.

Know What Is in Your Panels – Materials Matter™

Many system owners believe that warranties and bankability status” will help protect the investment; however, they are no longer effective on their own to mitigate risk. Today’s industry consolidation means that the panel manufacturer that supplied your system may not be around long-term. It’s important to become more aware of your system’s bill of materials, component design and manufacturing practices. Solar module return on investment (ROI) depends on PV materials selection.

Only Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets have demonstrated low power loss in long-term solar panel applications.