Most Efficient Solar Panels Produced by DuPont and Sharp

Told through the lens of a retiring photovoltaic engineer, this two minute documentary emphasizes the balance between man and nature while collaborators prepare to launch an innovative solar cell technology, New Crystalline Solar Cells. By positioning the electrodes onto the back of the cell, leading scientists from Sharp and DuPont are now able to produce a panel that boasts a 22% increase in solar efficiency while attaining a 50% gain in productivity.

As the film unspools, we learn how DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization paste is used to create the electrodes for New Crystalline Solar Cells. This technology enables Sharp to create a cost effective and energy enhancing solar panel.

In stark contrast to the first few moments of the film, the installation of these solar panels is conducted by a young photovoltaic engineer who is just beginning his career. Standing atop one of Circle K's Sunkus Convenience stores, the youthful engineer speaks confidently about the demand and the efficiency of the new design.

As the film concludes, we look towards to the future and imagine a world where greater levels of solar energy will be consumed by a growing population.