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Tyvek® is a fabric that galleries and museums often used for art packaging and transportation. It has a paper-like, lightweight smooth surface, yet provides breathability, tear and water resistant.Although it is made of HDPE plastic, same type of plastic found in detergent bottles, but recycling Tyvek® are not a common practice in Hong Kong. Commissioned to design a gift bag for Art Basel, this project begins with a joint effort to recycle Tyvek® from partnering galleries, then transform the material into bags through a team of local craftswomen. As a pilot to inspire more sustainable ways to reuse this remarkable material.

Tyvek® 係一隻經常用作包裝同運送藝術品嘅物料,佢摸落同紙質相似,但質量輕得嚟非常堅韌,而且透氣防水。雖然佢嘅纖維由HDPE 製成,同一般清潔劑樽一樣嘅塑膠,但可惜業界並未有回收Tyvek® 嘅習慣,所以每當藝術品送到嚟香港嘅藝術館同畫廊後,包裝都會被送去堆填。今次幫Art Basel去諗一個禮品袋俾佢哋將畫冊係展覽期間送出,就提議佢哋試吓同畫廊合作回收Tyvek®,再交俾本地車衣隊製成畫冊袋,希望可以將呢隻物料搵到更好嘅出路啦。

About Kevin, Cheung Wai Chun 張瑋晉

Hong Kong Upcycling Product Designer, Kevin Cheung devotes himself in developing upcycling products and raising public’s eco-awareness. At the same time, he believes that designers have the ability and obligation to protect the environment in order to sustain the balance between the eco-system, economy and the society. He is good at turning the waste into attractive and contemporary artworks and products.

Learn more: Kevin Cheung (kevin-cheung.com)

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