Webinar playback - Discover Tyvek® for Infinite Design Possibilities

Combining the characteristics of paper, film and fabric, Tyvek® has been used in a variety of industries and applications – building envelopes, protective apparel, medical packaging for 5 decades already. But today, Tyvek® has been discovered as such an innovative material for design in various categories of the consumer market, such as home & deco, fashion and accessories, novelties, sustainable packaging, etc.

So, what makes Tyvek® so unique and why designers get so fascinated in it? How is it being explored and applied by the designers in Europe and around the world? How might it be inspiring my design ideas? How is DuPont helping the designers and brands in Europe to apply this unique material into their design projects?

If you have the same questions, warm welcome to join us in the webinar!


  • Opening
  • Tyvek® Design introduction
  • Designers’ sharing
  • Tyvek® material technology introduction
  • Q&A

Time and Date
 10:00-11:00 AM CEST | Tuesday, 14th June 2022

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