Centers of Excellence for Application Testing


Map of COE Locations & Capabilities

Welcome to Kalrez® and Vespel® Centers of Excellence for Application Testing

What is a Center of Excellence?

Science and inclusive innovation are at the heart of the DuPont Global Collaboratory. DuPont Kalrez® and Vespel® work with customers to bring state of the art technology to solve customers’ toughest application challenges. DuPont provides unique, application-focused testing capabilities including evaluation, screening and comparison of new materials and designs. This helps reduce cost and risk of implementing new solutions. Our goal is to:

  • Match customer requirements with the most sustainable, cost-effective product/application solutions.
  • Simulate part performance in customer application conditions,
  • Foster innovation and knowledge development, and
  • Showcase DuPont science and our brand promise to the marketplace.

DuPont™ Kalrez® and Vespel® have created a network of global Centers of Excellence (COE) for application testing to support the current and emerging needs in the following areas:

  • Improving fuel efficiency, part performance and lower operating cost  in Aircraft Engines
  • Improving  sealing materials to reduce vacuum loss in electronics and semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing for lower operating cost
  • Increasing safety and reliability with high performance materials in Fluid and Materials Handling, and
  • Increasing component  life by reducing wear and friction in Transportation for better performance and fuel economy


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