Kevlar® Comfort XLT

Kevlar® Comfort XLT™ — Increased Mobility Meets Superior Protection

In dangerous situations, law enforcement needs to move with agility and confidence. Stopping a threat often demands a high level of protection combined with a high level of flexibility. It’s the reason DuPont created Kevlar® Comfort XLT™.

DuPont™ Kevlar® Comfort XLT™ technology is engineered to help provide law enforcement officers with superior ballistic protection and the comfort they need to do their jobs day in and day out. Ballistic tactical vests manufactured with Kevlar® Comfort XLT™ are typically at least 25% lighter than all-aramid fabric designs, helping enable officers to respond to threatening situations. Designed with lighter, lower-profile body protection, manufacturers can offer these vests to law enforcement professionals with increased mobility so they can exit their service vehicles and pursue fleeing suspects on foot with greater agility.

Kevlar® Comfort XLT™ technology is just one example of the unwavering commitment of DuPont to help protect those who serve and protect the public, so they can get home safe day after day.




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