Kevlar® KM2® Plus

Kevlar® fiber for Military - KM2 Plus – the most protective DuPont fiber for the most hazardous duty.

When counterinsurgency goes kinetic, DuPont responds.  It always has.  As the threat changes so must the response, so Kevlar® fiber continues to evolve.  Kevlar® KM2 Plus fiber is our highest grade protective fiber for military use and offers increased process-ability for conversion to woven fabrics and structures for ballistic fabric weavers and body armor manufacturers.  

The Kevlar® brand stands for proven protection now and in the future.  It will continue to evolve to address future military needs for soldier protection system requirements.

DuPont created Kevlar® KM2® Plus — an evolution of the popular Kevlar® brand fiber.Military combat helmets and tactical vests made with Kevlar® KM2® Plus helps manufacturers provide superior resistance against bullets and fragments, while maintaining a lighter weight for increased comfort and mobility. When woven into a fabric, it helps the fabric meet the requirements for military performance specs, including:

  • Helps contribute to fabric flexibility
  • Excellent thermal stability at temperature extremes

Kevlar® and Nomex® Changed Protection


  • DuPont Armor Technology Center

    The DuPont Armor Technology Center in Wilmington, Delaware, is committed to improving DuPontTM Kevlar® and other DuPont brands for military solutions.


  • What Keeps You Safe?

    “What Keeps You Safe?” PPE videos from DuPont show how heroes in firefighting, military, law enforcement, and emergency response rely on DuPont invention and innovation.

  • DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Awards

    The DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Awards recognized DuPont customers’ ingenuity through products and services that incorporated new ideas, methods, technologies, or applications for Kevlar®.

  • DuPont Ballistic Lab

    DuPont state-of-the-art ballistic testing laboratories are designed to give our research scientists, engineers, customers, and end users a valuable tool for assessing the reliability of body armor, helmets, or vehicle armor.

  • New Kevlar® Plant at Cooper River

    The new plant near Charleston, South Carolina, together with our other global assets, helps DuPont meet strong and growing global demand for Kevlar®.


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    Military Helmets

    Kevlar® fiber is a very important part of the military’s assets. By incorporating its inherent protective technology into military helmets, it has helped to save thousands of lives.