O-rings made with DuPont materials promote safety and prevent leakage for wafer processing sub-fab seals

The reliability of DuPont™ Kalrez® seals means less downtime, longer maintenance intervals, and lower operating costs while maximizing wafer production.


O-ring reliability is critical for the piping and pumps that support the sub-fab processes of semiconductor chip manufacturing. Kalrez® solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of seals for heat-traced lines in sub-fab foreline and exhaust systems. It also provides outstanding thermal stability (up to 300°C), improved sealing functionality, and excellent chemical resistance/resistance to plasma radicals.  

The ability of Kalrez® O-rings to perform in harsh sub-fab environments benefits chip manufacturers by safely feeding and exhausting toxic gasses as well as extending mean-time-between-repair (MTBR).


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