Tedlar® Release Films

Tedlar® Mold Release Liners for High Temperature, Complex Molds

Clean, quick release from epoxy, phenolics, polyesters and rubber compounds

Tedlar® release liners are used to protect the mold in autoclave or vacuum bag thermoset molding when parts are processed under high temperature and pressure. As an inert, non-stick film, Tedlar® release liners provide an excellent, quick release from epoxy, phenolics, polyesters and rubber compounds.

Faster curing, annealing and forming

With the ability to withstand curing temperatures up to 185°C (365°F) and allow heat to easily pass through to the part that is being processed, release liners made from Tedlar® yield faster curing, annealing and forming of the part. Also, by imparting a consistent surface finish to the part being processed, Tedlar® may reduce or eliminate the need for additional processing and finishing steps, such as sanding and painting.


Tedlar® release films can be customized by pigmenting and tailoring elongation properties to meet your specific application needs. With strong mechanical properties, these films are durable enough to be re-used for multiple parts in some applications.