BETACLEAN™ cleaners

BETACLEAN™ cleaners provide advanced surface preparation and are a vital part of the adhesive repair process for direct glazing, as well as sealing and bonding of body panel repairs. Additionally, BETACLEAN™ can be used to remove excess uncured adhesives from a variety of finished and unfinished surfaces.

With a proven track record of providing exceptional performance, lowering costs, and reducing assembly times, our urethane adhesive glass bonding systems are used by original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

BETACLEAN™ cleaners, BETAPRIME™ primers and BETASEAL™ adhesives together provide a total solution for glass bonding installation, structural bonding, and sealing. 



  • Lightweight closures (glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene & thermoplastic olefin bonding)
  • Cladding
  • Spoiler attachment
  • Wheel arch extensions
  • Sealing


Safely cleans surfaces icon

Safely cleans surfaces

For glass, ceramic & painted surfaces icon

For glass, ceramic & painted surfaces

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OEM-approved quality

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Primerless-to-paint systems


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