MULTIFLEX™ Thermoplastic Elastomers


MULTIFLEX™ replaces thermoset rubber in demanding automotive and consumer applications 

From interior features such as cup holders and mat bins to airbag covers and exterior weather seals, MULTIFLEX™ offers remarkably high performance in a wide range of applications. 

In addition to exceptional colorability and resistance to color degradation, it is resistant to alcohols, acids, aqueous solutions, bases, and detergents. MULTIFLEX™ has advanced thermal and electrical properties that help reduce costs via streamlined processing. It enables design freedom and recyclability.


  • EV and traditional automotive interior/exterior parts
  • Cooling lines
  • Airbag covers
  • Soft-touch trim
  • Mats for bins and cup holders
  • Climate control seals for HVAC shutter grill seals, air grip shutter
  • Semi-dynamic and static weather seals
  • Trim-to-glass or trim-to-metal seals
  • Glass encapsulation
  • Air grid shutter (radiator front cover) 
  • Consumer applications
  • Vehicle window and door seals


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Low density

DuPont MM_Adv_Icon_durability_K-120x120@2x.png

Hardness from 10 ShA to 55 ShD


Adapted to most thermoplastic processes

DuPont TI_Adv_Icon_UV-Stability_K-120x120@2x.png

Good weatherability (UV and ozone)

DuPont TI_Adv_Icon_Wide-Temp-Range_K-120x120@2x.png

Use temperature from -40 to 120°C

DuPont MM_Adv_Icon_Transparency_K-120x120@2x.png

Transparency possible

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Product families

MULTIFLEX™ solutions provide efficiency and comfort in everyday life. Our four product families offer unique performance and processing features.


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