UCON compressor lubricants

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We offer a complete line of polyalkylene glycol based compressor lubricants to help ensure the safe and efficient operation of mobile air conditioning systems.

DuPont is a leading provider of polyalkylene glycol compression lubricant technology, including glycol ethers, glycols, and polyglycols.

Combined with over 50 years of application expertise, this enables us to provide OEM and aftermarket customers with solutions that meet or exceed performance and cost targets for mobile air conditioning systems. 

  • Mobile air compressors for OEMs and aftermarket
  • Compressor lubrication
  • Assembly lubricants
  • Air conditioning recharges

  • Compatible with a variety of air compressor technologies
  • Unique formulation rivals performance of double end-cap products at a lower price
  • Polyalkylene glycol lubricity provides inherent polarity and a natural affinity for metal surfaces
  • High viscosity indexes maintain viscosity in hot compressor and demonstrate excellent low temperature flow properties
  • DuPont raw materials resource enables improved cost efficiencies, reliable product supply, and guaranteed quality standards





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