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Nomex® Paper Protects Critical Components in Electronic Applications

DuPont™ Nomex® brand paper has a long history of proven performance in motors, generators and transformers. Now, it is gaining a reputation as an ideal choice for battery packs and electronic applications.

From mobile phones and tablet computers to flat-screen liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, Nomex® paper is helping to protect critical components in a wide range of electronic applications.  A prime example is the use of Nomex® paper in LCD televisions as the insulation barrier, or “firewall,” between the power module board and the cover plate.

In some cases, Nomex® paper is used in electronic applications to enhance performance. For example, Nomex® paper is used as a diaphragm suspension damper in the micro speaker of smart phones to improve sound generation.  The use of Nomex® paper enables a broader range of sound in both low and high frequency. 

The Nomex® 200 Series is specifically designed to meet the market requirements for battery packs and electronic applications.  Nomex® 200 Series papers:

• Fulfill Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 94 V-O requirements.

• Provide excellent tear and puncture resistance.

• Feature thermal stability at temperatures up to 392°F (200°C)—which far exceeds this market’s need for 248°F (120°C).

• Offer chemical compatibility with all classes of varnishes and adhesives, and are unaffected by lithium ion battery electrolyte leaks.

• Enable easy processability. 

Typical Uses in Electronic Applications

Nomex® 200 Series papers are used in battery packs and electronic applications as:

• Insulation gaskets on positive connectors

• Inter cell barriers

• Serial connector insulation

• BMU insulation

• Edge covers

• Battery core pack wrap

• Battery pack insulation

• Diaphragm suspension dampers

• Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding

• Printed wiring board (PWB) flexible connector insulation

• Electrode terminal lead wire insulation

• LCD power module insulation barrier

• CI type inverter transmission core insulation

• Motor protector sensor gasket

• Inverter transmission surface mount technology (SMT) gasket

• Induction heat range coil shield

• Semicon probe card supporter

• Microwave oven transformer coil insulation

Typical Electronic Applications

Nomex® 200 Series papers are used in a wide variety of electronic applications, including:

• Mobile phones

• Tablet computers

• LCD televisions

• Microwave ovens

• Lap docks for tablets and smart phones

• AC/DC adaptors


Nomex® paper properties

The unique combination of Nomex® paper properties provides proven reliability, making Nomex® an ideal electrical insulation material of choice for manufacturers of transformers, generators, motors and other electrical equipment.

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