Beverage Carton Market Solutions


Rugged, High-Quality Plates for Beverage Carton Printers

Beverage carton printing demands high-quality, long-running plates. DuPont™ Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates have earned a reputation as the “go-to” plates in this market segment.

Long runs on uneven boards with abrasive surfaces are just some of the challenges faced by beverage carton printers. Despite these challenges, brand owners demand consistent colour and high-impact graphics on their beverage cartons.

Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates have proven to be up to the task, helping beverage carton printers deliver the high quality their customers expect.

Cyrel® Flexo Plates to Meet Your Needs

You can choose from a full range of digital and analogue Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates to meet your specific workflow and beverage carton printing needs.


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