Sustainability in Package Printing


Delivering Solutions for Global Packaging Challenges 

As a pioneer in flexography for over 45 years, DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions has been committed to continuous innovation to bring flexographic printing solutions to help shape the future of packaging for a circular economy.

Cyrel® flexo printing can help our customers to seamlessly innovate packaging design and transition towards increasingly sustainable packaging, including recycled or recyclable materials and reusable formats.


How can one print packaging faster, more beautifully and with a smaller environmental footprint?

DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions is committed to this challenge!

An internal Life Cycle Assessment done in 2021, has shown that flexographic printing offers advantages over rotogravure. And, taking it a step further, Cyrel® FAST also represents a huge saving if compared to solvent processing, when we talk about platemaking.

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Enabling Less Wastage

Cyrel® plates create substantially lower waste for a variety of reasons, including lower plate wear, less ink consumption, longer print form life, and reduced board strength losses.
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Innovating Safer by Design

Cyrel® workflows help increase productivity while reducing VOC emissions and energy consumption, allowing our customers to optimize their resource use and enable safer working environments. 
Cyrel® FAST thermal workflows are solvent-free, making production, post-production, and waste treatment activities safer and simpler.
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