Cyrel® EASY Brite


Cyrel® EASY Brite

Cyrel® EASY Brite screens deliver exceptional print quality, consistent performance and documented ink savings.

DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens are designed to optimize ink laydown in high-volume printing, typically seen when printing a white undercoat, or solid areas with spot colors. They contain a suite of screens that have shown to improve solid printing at volumes of 4.0 bcm and greater. There are five screens in total: two screens designed for customers without the HD Pixel+ imaging capability and three screens designed to take full advantage of HD Pixel+ imaging.


The combination of Cyrel® EASY Plates and the EASY BRITE Screens deliver:

- Better overall consistency and more consistent print of large solid areas

- Higher print quality

- Uniform ink layer

- Elimination of trail edge void

- Improved appearance of final print

- Improved opacity, reduced graininess and reduced mottle

- Flexibility, as they allow printers to go to higher quality levels using their existing setup


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