Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers Meet the Highest Standards


Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers are an elite group of digital Cyrel® users in North America who meet DuPont high standards for consistency and quality.

Becoming one of the Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers can help set you apart from the competition. 

Benefits for Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers

By earning this designation, your company will be entitled to use the official logo designed exclusively for Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers.

When used on your website and printed materials, this logo can be a powerful marketing tool.  It informs converters and packaging buyers that your company supplies only the highest quality Cyrel® flexo plates—as certified by the experts at DuPont Packaging Graphics.

In addition, all new Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers receive a special plaque to display in their shops.

How to Become a Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker

This program is offered free of charge to all digital Cyrel® users in North America.  Although the criteria for acceptance are quite stringent, the process is simple:

  • Contact your DuPont Sales Representative or click on the Contact Us button at the top of this page to express your interest. One of our team members will contact you and start the process.
  • Complete the required interest form, providing details about your workflows and plate offerings.
  • Receive a welcome packet with complete instructions about submitting plates for evaluation.
  • Complete the production parameters form.
  • Using equipment that has the highest production throughput, prepare an imaged, processed plate for each required plate type and an imaged and main exposed, unprocessed mask for ONE of the required plate types.
  • Complete the platemaking information form.
  • Submit plates to the Cyrel® Customer Technology Center for evaluation.

Evaluation Criteria

The experts at the Cyrel® Customer Technology Center will perform an evaluation of the plates and mask you submit versus DuPont specified target values.  These values have been established to ensure the highest quality.

Plates are evaluated for:

  • Dot size
  • Plate surface
  • Minimum dot
  • Isolated dot holding
  • Positive and reverse lines
  • Relief

Masks are evaluated for:

  • Dot size
  • Stain
  • Focus

Following this evaluation, you will receive a copy of the completed evaluation form, which provides specific feedback on plate quality and highlights opportunities for improvement, if applicable.

If your plates and mask meet the high quality standards specified by DuPont, you will receive a zip file containing the official Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers logo and your Cyrel® Technical Representative will schedule a visit to present your plaque.

To remain a Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker, you must re-apply annually.


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