Corrugated Post Print Solutions


Corrugated Post Print Solutions Optimizing Quality and Productivity

Whether you’re printing one-color shippers on kraft or running complex process on coated corrugated, using DuPont™ Cyrel® corrugated flexo plates will enable you to achieve the highest quality and productivity.

The corrugated segment is the largest user of flexo plates worldwide. DuPont Cyrel® Solutions offers the broadest portfolio of flexo plates and platemaking systems, with solutions developed specifically for the corrugated market. So whether you are looking for a flexo plate designed for high productivity across a wide array of corrugated substrates and inks, or you need a flat top dot workflow solution that minimizes “fluting” on even the most challenging types of corrugated boards, we have what you need.

Life Cycle Assessment

Understand how the downgauging in the corrugated printing can generate benefits for the value chain

Downgauging is known among packaging customers to be one of the ways to become more sustainable, and the same logic can be applied to the printing plate as well. The thinner your plate is, less material will be used to make that plate, which makes it more environmentally sustainable since less material used means less waste.

The environmental impact of imaging and processing a .155” plate compared by DuPont to a .250” plate, has a 25% lower non-renewable energy use and 27% lower global warming potential impact. 

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