China Power Investment Opts for High-Quality, Field-Proven Materials from DuPont

DuPont Expertise, Tedlar® Films and Solamet® Metallization Pastes Help World’s Largest Solar Installer Drive Solar Advances in China

Urbanization and a rapidly growing economy are reshaping China’s energy industry. It is anticipated that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) will increase fourfold by 2050. The Chinese government has set a goal to achieve 15 percent of total energy consumption from non-fossil fuels by 20201, recognizing the growing need for clean, renewable energy.

China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) is one of China’s largest energy companies, and is the world’s largest solar power developer. Most of its installations are located in Western China. For CPI, which manages all aspects of its solar installations, including project design, panel manufacturing and installation, choosing the right materials—and the right materials provider—is key to the successful expansion of solar power.