PA Long Chain Nylon Alternatives

PA 12 Alternatives | DuPont™ Zytel® LCPA

In Replacing PA12 - Gain Resistance To Heat & Diesel Biofuels

DuPont has been working on PA12 alternatives and is positioned to respond quickly. The company has established global development and supply teams to work with customers to quickly qualify alternative materials for use in brake and fuel components and other critical industrial applications like hose and tubing.

Ready Supply of Alternatives

Several high-performance material families— DuPont Zytel® long chain polyamide product family comprising 612 and renewably sourced 610 and 1010, DuPont Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomers, DuPont Zytel® PPA and DuPont Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer (AEM) —are readily available as potential solutions for applications ranging from mono- and multi-layer fuel lines, fuel vapor tubes, PCV hoses, air brake hose and tubing, brake line coatings, vacuum brake tubes and fuel line connectors.

These materials are fully commercial in those applications, and many are based on renewably sourced ingredients, allowing customers to adopt a more sustainable solution.

DuPont Zytel® LCPA resin

DuPont Zytel® LCPA offers a balanced set of properties for demanding applications. With science-driven innovation, DuPont has enhanced PA610 and PA612 products and expanded the portfolio with two series of polymers.

Zytel® RSLC 4000 and Zytel® LC 7000 offer a step change improvement over existing grades of Zytel® Long Chain Polyamides (LCPA).   They have also been proven commercial in replacing PA12.

The Series Provides:

  • Chemical resistance and ZnCl/CaCl stress cracking resistance that is comparable to PA11/PA12  and better than toughened, plasticized PA612 & PA610
  • Flexibility similar to PA12
  • Sustainable and reliable supply of raw materials from multiple source, including up to 63% renewable content
  • Similar properties/functionality as PA12 and suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Excellent yield stress/stiffness balance, better than PA11/12
  • Blow molding compatible

Global Resources

DuPont has committed global resources to work closely with customers to help identify material solutions and provide technical support. Although many possible PA12 alternatives are highlighted here, there are PA12 substitution challenges. For help understanding how these materials can work in an application, or for more technical information, please contact DuPont.