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Making Better Connections With Polymer Technology | DuPont

Making Better Connections With Polymer Technology

DuPont performance polymer technology is helping to make faster, more efficient connections a reality in the global mobile communications, office automation and energy industries.

We provide engineering and specification support to OEMs and component manufacturers to help develop applications that help improve operations, products and societies – while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Developing Better Performance

When a mobile phone housing is made stronger with renewably sourced bio-based polymers biopolymer technology, the communications process doesn’t just work better. It becomes more sustainable than polymers produced by petro-chemicals. And when solar panels are made lighter and more durable, alternative energy can become more affordable.

Here are a few examples of how DuPont polymer technology is making mobile communications and energy systems faster, stronger and more efficient.

Lasting Mobility

DuPont Zytel® HTN offers strength and dimensional stability for use as a metal replacement in handheld devices, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets and more. The polymer is sourced in part from non-food bio-mass, helping reduce dependence on petroleum and reduce the production of greenhouse gases, without compromising performance.

Simpler Solar

Shifting from metal to DuPont Rynite® for PV module frames, junction boxes and other components, can help reduce system manufacturing costs and improve the speed and ease of installations. Glass-reinforced Rynite® PET resins offer an ideal combination of toughness, high-temperature performance, rigidity, creep resistance and volume-oriented manufacturing efficiency. Molded into discrete shapes, or extruded into channels, profiles or framing components, the polymer can significantly reduce manufacturing and assembly costs for a new generation of photovoltaic power generation.

Smarter Solutions

As societal reliance on petroleum-based energy diminishes and desire for solar energy increases, it’s becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to find ways to increase uptime and improve output for polycrystalline silicon production. DuPont Kalrez® parts have been field proven in highly aggressive sealing environments for over 30 years. They can help improve sealing reliability in photovoltaic processes due to their elastomeric properties at temperatures as high as 325°C, and resistance to over 1800 chemicals. The result can translate into improved performance and lower cost of ownership of solar modules.

Durable Flexibility

The combination of strength, durability and flexibility of DuPont Hytrel® allow production of cables that provide effective insulation in thinner layers and can withstand repeated winding. From lifts for bridges to industrial robotics, Hytrel® insulation helps makes cables both slimmer and longer-lasting.

Smoother Operation

DuPont Delrin® helps reduce friction and improve durability for gears and sliding parts in printers, copiers and other office equipment. Delrin® combines low wear, low friction, superior dimensional stability and excellent molding properties, which help support longer gear life, quieter performance and longer product life.

Global Presence

With local technical resources in 65 countries and manufacturing and fabricating facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas, our global personnel are on the ground to make robust connections in collaboration with our customers. The results: support for higher productivity, lower carbon emissions in the supply chain and faster, more reliable connections worldwide.