High Performance Polymers

DuPont™ Kalrez® parts can double or even triple the lifetime seals in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) platforms.

Enabling Ideal Production with High Performance Polymers

DuPont high-performance polymers come with a commitment to combining the right materials with the best processes.

Our goal is to support ideal production by helping customers meet or exceed performance, cost, workability and timing requirements for each project.

Ideal production has another vital dimension, worker safety. High performance materials can also provide a more reliable barrier in harsh environments that are subject to seal leakage or unexpected failure.

Production Runs Smoother When Businesses Work Smarter

The combination of DuPont high-performance polymers and materials science know-how provide real competitive advantages. These can include faster cycle times, higher through-put, reduced breakage, lower leakage or contamination and longer meantime between replacement. It can all add up to reduced down-time, allowing for higher overall productivity.

Ideal Manufacturing

DuPont Delrin® is well-suited for lubricant-free conveyor chains that require low drive power to operate quietly, with less maintenance over long service periods, leading to long-term cost savings.

Ideal Processing

DuPont Kalrez® parts can double or even triple the lifetime seals in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) platforms. The parts were tested in some of the most critical seal positions, with an equivalent service time of 5000 cycles. The seals appeared undamaged in the isolation valve and top nozzle positions, and showed no sign of cracking.  

More uptime for semiconductor maker Spansion Inc.  Fab 25 with Kalrez® parts.

Ideal Operations

DuPont Vespel® polyimide offers a wide array of custom-designed parts for demanding production environments, such as: compressors, high-temperature pressure valves and pumps, welding torches, insulators and hot glass handling. With light-weight design, resistance to high temperatures and low wear, Vespel® custom parts can improve up-time and reliability of machinery for lower operation costs.

Enhanced pump reliability for a major oil refinery with Vespel® parts.                  

Ideal Pipe Solutions

DuPont Pipelon® addresses oil and gas industry needs for improved permeation resistance, higher temperature and pressure tolerance, and lower life cycle cost for pipes. These combined attributes can lead to improved cost savings through lower maintenance and higher overall productivity in some of the world’s toughest operating environments.

Lengthening pipeline life and service intervals with Pipelon®

Ideal Food And Pharmaceutical Processing

DuPont Delrin® acetal resin can help make food industry equipment more efficient with cost and maintenance savings. Through improved design, with lighter components and functional integration, Delrin® can reduce energy consumption and extend replacement intervals, due to the polymer’s excellent wear/friction properties.

Meeting safety and performance goals with DuPont Food Grade materials. 

Ideal Containment

Parts made of DuPont Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) offer outstanding resistance to aggressive hydrocarbons, lubricants and fluids, when exposed to aggressive media at high temperatures.

In the gas sweeting process, which removes hydrogen sulfide from natural gas, Kalrez® Spectrum 6380 parts can help extend the life of valves and pump mechanical seals and reduce leakage. The results are reduced maintenance costs and lower emissions.

Reducing leakage in gas sweetening with Kalrez® parts.

Ideal Production Takes Collaboration

We help develop custom solutions to enable ideal production for our customers. From helping to identify the right high-performance polymers for each application to assisting with development and refinement of every step of the process, DuPont technical resources can supply and support a broad range of offerings across thermoplastic resins, elastomers and finished parts.