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Our wide range of advanced additives can help improve aesthetics and acoustics—and reduce processing steps

Quieter EVs mean more attention must be given to creating a tranquil cabin. A key challenge is managing acoustics, especially in areas where multiple materials meet. Plus, surfaces must look and feel good for the life of the vehicle. DuPont solutions provide lasting scratch and squeak resistance, and also can reduce processing steps.


Materials to solve the toughest vehicle interior challenges

Scratch resistance and noise reduction are two enormous challenges for designers of automotive interiors. When different materials like polypropylene and PC/ABS are used in adjoining interior components, annoying squeaks can detract from the driving experience. And when interior parts are scratched, a vehicle loses value. DuPont has developed additive solutions that help manage both of these challenges.


Beautiful scratch-resistant interiors

Our scratch-resistant additive solutions help improve long-lasting anti-scratch properties of automotive interiors by improving:

  • Quality
  • Reduced dust build-up
  • Aging characteristics
  • Design
  • Touch and feel aesthetics


Permanent anti-squeak performance

When you use versatile DuPont MULTIBASE additives, you also gain processing advantages. MULTIBASE delivers excellent—and permanent—anti-squeak performance to benefit many interior components, including:

  • Dashboards
  • Instrument panels
  • Door panels
  • Center consoles
  • Third pillars
  • Trim
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