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Fundamentals of Polymers

An introduction to polymers, basic polymer chemistry and polymer science, that includes a brief look at the differences in processing between semi-crystalline and amorphous materials.

Product Portfolio

An overview of how DuPont Engineering Polymers’ resins fit in the marketplace, the advantages and disadvantages of each polymer and what each can replace, and typical applications for the resin.


Plastic Design

A general guide about designing plastic parts focused on the difference in designing with plastic compared to metal—including specific properties of plastic and how to use it for designing plastic parts.

Mold Design

An introduction to the basics of molds and the importance of correct mold design. Topics include basic rules for design, runner systems, cavity layout, gating, vents, temperature control and cooling, ejection, and shrinkage.


Injection Molding Basics

Discover how injection molding works, the importance of each part of the cycle. This webinar also compares molding different types of resins, and the importance of rheology and control of the machine.

Failure Analysis

Learn how, where, and when to use certain types of failure analysis techniques by examining past problems including the use of wrong polymers, processing errors, and design flaws.


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