DuPont Image Solutions introduces Cyrel® EASY BRITE Screens in the Cloud

Press Release | November 9, 2020
Press Release
DuPont Image Solutions introduces Cyrel® EASY BRITE Screens in the Cloud

Wilminton, US, November 9, 2020 – DuPont Image Solutions (DuPont) has taken the next step in the digital transformation process and launches today the Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the cloud. The advantage of Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the Cloud is to offer customers the option to work virtually, with no need of installing the software on their computers, and it enables now the use of the Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in imagers with 2540 dpi. “This is a way to democratize the technology and make it more accessible to customers, especially those who work with an imager with lower resolution”, explains Shyamal Desai, Technical Marketing Manager Americas of DuPont Image Solutions. “Furthermore, there are some functional improvements such as the ability to screen not only 100% solids but also graphics that contain fades.”

For customers that currently have a higher resolution imager, Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the Cloud will give them the flexibility to image their plates at a lower resolution, which will increase the process speed and productivity. Another benefit of having the Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the cloud is that as new screens are developed, they can be deployed to all users automatically.

Launched in 2018, the Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens are a success for providing a brighter white, as well as improving the solid colors. They were designed to optimize the ink laydown, which normally needs the use of a higher volume anilox, typically used to print white and spot colors. The new generation of Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the Cloud can now be used not only on those applications as mentioned, but also in the highlights. It is a set of screens that improves the printing in anilox volumes of 4.0 bcm or more. “High opacity alone does not make a good white. It is necessary to combine opacity, low mottle and low graininess to achieve a good white. And the Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens provide both high opacity and improvements in pin-holing and graininess”, explains Scott Rickard, Staff Associate Investigator for DuPont Image Solutions.  

In summary, the combination of  Cyrel® EASY plates with EASY BRITE screens offers:

  • better printing consistency
  • better quality of printing
  • uniform ink laydown using a thinner ink film – ability to run the presses faster
  • eliminates trail edge void in the printing
  • improve opacity, reducing mottle and graininess
  • flexibility by helping printers achieve their best levels of quality with the existing set up
  • ink savings by using lower volume anilox

“Regarding security for the users of Cyrel® EASY BRITE screens in the Cloud, it followed all DuPont security protocols, tested and approved with total security in accessing the files by the customer”, explains Brad Taylor, Technical Fellow for DuPont Image Solutions.

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