BETASEAL™ 900EI electrically-isolating battery pack sealing and bonding adhesive 

Article | Jun, 21 2021
BETASEAL™ 900EI electrically-isolating battery pack sealing and bonding adhesive
BETASEAL™ 900EI enables efficient battery assembly and field serviceability

EV battery packs and panels can now be assembled and serviced without compromising sealing performance. BETASEAL™ 900EI, our new electrically-isolating adhesive, bonds coated metals, pretreated thermoplastics, and composites – or any multi-material combination. It is a one-component moisture-curing non-conductive polyurethane-based adhesive and sealant.

Currently in production and prototyping with multiple global automotive manufacturers, BETASEAL™ 900EI benefits include:

  • Reliable environmental sealing and durable bonding
  • Reduction or elimination of mechanical fasteners
  • Electrical insulation for sensitive battery components
  • Room temperature curing – withstands 0.5 psi leak testing after five minutes
  • Meets debris and water ingress performance per IP67 & IP6K9K
  • Resistant to high pressure and high-temperature spray (car wash simulation)
  • Optimized hardness to enable efficient field serviceability and pack recyclability
  • Acts as a secondary barrier if battery modules leak
  • Elimination of manual gasket application