Webinar: What Can Structural Adhesives Do for You?

Article | Oct, 23 2020
Webinar: What Can Structural Adhesives Do for You?

Structural adhesives are the answer to many challenging transportation challenges. Need to improve a vehicle’s durability? Crashworthiness? Make it lighter? Enable more design flexibility? Enhance stiffness for better handling? Accommodate many different types of materials? Check, check, and check.

This free 60-minute SAE webinar will help you understand how structural adhesives have moved to the forefront of advanced vehicle body design and what’s coming next. As the market shifts to electric and hybrid platforms, structural adhesives will continue to enable advancements in powertrain applications, design concepts, passenger safety, and more.

Frank Billotto, AMS Market Manager, Transportation Assembly
Takiya Foskey, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Download the webinar here (registration required): https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1299092&tp_key=6f85af42be


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