Controlled environments & cleanroom protection


DuPont offers a full spectrum of cleanroom garments and accessories for greater safety, comfort, and protection.


For a wide range of industries, processes must be kept clean and uncontaminated. DuPont materials are used to create a variety of clothing for these controlled environments with different levels of protection, durability, and comfort in a variety of styles, including coveralls, lab coats, frocks, hoods, sleeves, and shoe & boot covers.

Our leading brands of cleanroom apparel and accessories include: Tyvek® IsoClean®, a fabric-like material made from a patented flash-spinning process that creates an excellent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms, and non-hazardous liquids and is offered in a wide range of design and processing options to protect wearer and process from chemical contamination; Tyvek® Micro-Clean 2-1-2, which delivers the particle barrier, durability, and comfort of Tyvek® with a blue polymeric resin coating on both sides of the fabric; and ProClean® garments and accessories for your controlled environment and non-hazardous manufacturing applications.


Articles & Case Studies

Collaborating in Crisis
DuPont, RecoveryPRO and BELFOR Group Partner to Clean & Disinfect Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
Flame and Arc Flash Protective Clothing in the Cleanroom

Biohazards: Risk Assessments & Protective Apparel Solutions

Companies are assessing the biohazards that are present in their environment and refining their policies, procedures, and PPE to protect their workers. 

Learn more about protective apparel considerations for biohazard applications, as our DuPont Personal Protection safety and technical experts discuss biohazard classifications & biosafety levels, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard protective apparel for pandemic response, and DuPont protective apparel solutions and tools.

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Contamination Risk Factors & Validation Stages for Sterile Garments

Humans are the biggest source of contamination in a cleanroom, making cleanroom apparel selection a critical consideration. With the 2020 draft revision of the European Union’s good manufacturing practices (GMP) Annex 1 and the eventual alignment with the US Food & Drug Administration guidelines, companies involved in sterile manufacturing are tasked with developing a contamination control strategy which includes a risk assessment. 

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Tyvek® IsoClean® & Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 apparel

DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® delivers an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. Additionally, with our single use cleanroom garments, both inventory and use costs are predictable.


ProClean® apparel

Our ProClean® brand includes four levels of protection for your controlled environment applications and non-hazardous general manufacturing apparel needs. 


ProShield® 30 and Dura-Trac™ shoe and boot covers

These safe, clean, and strong shoe covers are designed for controlled environment applications, as well as non-hazardous general maintenance and dirty jobs.


Innovating for sustainability

The DuPont Personal Protection portfolio of single-use cleanroom apparel helps protect people, products and processes in industries that require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control. Our science-based solutions are also helping to advance sustainability throughout the value chain.  

PPE sustainability Recycling program

Find the right protective product for your application or industry with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™

Find the right protective garments for your cleanroom application with SafeSPEC™.

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