Tychem® gloves


Introducing DuPont™ Tychem® gloves

Whether it’s lightweight coveralls for routine industrial work or fully encapsulated suits for the most extreme hazards, workers know that Tychem® garments will help keep them safe on the job.

As part of a single system for workplace chemical hazard protection, we’ve introduced our new Tychem® glove line. With DuPont™ SafeSPEC™, selecting complete worker protection has never been simpler. Discover our full product line today.

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A variety of available grip textures.

Available in lined or unlined models.

Lightweight design for all-day comfort.

Clearly marked with CE certification 

(where applicable).

Marked with size for ease of selection.


DuPont™ Tychem® Gloves


The Tychem® glove line includes a variety of products options:


Tychem® gloves PV 350
Tychem® PV 350

An extremely durable, cotton-lined PVC construction with rough grip. Suitable for defensive protection from chemicals, oils and greases.

Tychem® gloves NT420
Tychem® NT420

A powder-free disposable glove that offers chemical splash and oil protection. Designed for jobs requiring barrier protection while keeping tactile discrimination. May be suitable for food processing, laboratory and small parts handling.

Tychem® gloves NT430
Tychem® NT430

Resistant to oils, hydrocarbons and greases. Lightweight with a “second-skin” feel with an embossed pattern finish for long-lasting grip.

Tychem® gloves NT450
Tychem® NT450

A flexible knit-lined dual nitrile glove. Protects against an array of solvents, oils and acids. Cotton/polyester liner absorbs perspiration for added comfort.


Tychem® gloves NT470
Tychem® NT470

Bisque finish allows secure handling in wet and dry conditions. Unlined, with an ergonomic design to maximize comfort.

Tychem® gloves NT480
Tychem® NT480

Bisque finish allows secure handling in wet and dry conditions. Flock-lined with an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.

Tychem® gloves NP530
Tychem® NP530

Double-dipped neoprene over natural rubber for dexterity. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Tychem® gloves NP560
Tychem® NP560

Suitable for heavy duty work or applications involving prolonged exposure to the presence of solvent. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, caustics, solvents, greases and oils.


Tychem® gloves NP570CT
Tychem® NP570CT

Protection where tasks present the dual risk of chemical exposure and cut. Provides ANSI level A5 cut protection and defense against acids, caustics, solvents, greases and oil

Tychem® gloves BT730
Tychem® BT730

Protection against a wide array of chemicals. Light and thin coating offers a “second-skin” feel with a rough grip.

Tychem® BT770

Provides protection against a variety of highly corrosive chemicals, alcohols, ketones and esters.


Tychem® garments

For protection against chemical dangers, industrial workers rely on Tychem® garments.


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Find the right protective product for your application or industry with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™

Find the right protective product for your job with SafeSPEC™.

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