Cleanroom Applications

Cleanroom Applications

In industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and electronics, keeping products or processes clean and uncontaminated is crucial. Also, personal protection from hazardous substances requires an effective defense against biological and chemical substances.

Dupont understands your need to do everything possible to improve productivity and reduce risk in your controlled environment. The DuPont Controlled Environments portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of single-use cleanroom apparel and accessories designed for use in pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and electronic settings that require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control.

People are the most significant source of particle emission in a cleanroom. Regular clothing can expose products or processes to material particle shedding, residues and foreign particles. Effective particle barrier clothing functions as a personal filter that protects cleanrooms from contamination by humans. Depending on the model features and cleanroom conditions, Tyvek® Isoclean® garments are suitable for use in many cleanroom classes, including ISO 7/8 (class 10,000 and 100,000 and ISO 4/5 (Class 10/100) cleanrooms.

At the same time, some cleanroom work requires the protection of people from hazardous substances, such as liquid or solid chemicals or biological agents. These hazards occur not only in chemical, pharmaceutical and microbiological environments, but even in the production of computer chips or when painting under cleanroom conditions. Traditional cleanroom clothing simply does not provide adequate personal protection.

Cleanroom clothing needs to meet the some basic criteria for use in a cleanroom setting: The material must be low-linting, the design must , fit appropriately, and the risk of collecting particles on the surface of the garment must be minimized. Furthermore, such clothing must be comfortable to wear, have good electrostatic discharge efficiency and – if the clothing is required to be germproof – sterilized garments made of Tyvek® as well as clean laundered and sterilized garments made of Tyvek® IsoClean® are available from cleanroom distributors.

Tyvek® Isoclean® garments are ideal for use in cleanroom applications by operational personnel, maintenance, cleaning staff and visitors because:

  • Tyvek® is tough, yet lightweight, breathable and soft
  •  Unique, patented flash spinning process creates an inherent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous liquids
  • Tyvek® is inherently low linting and abrasion resistant
  • Clean-processed Tyvek® Isoclean® garments offer the lowest level of particle shedding within DuPont portfolio
  • Sterile Tyvek® Isoclean® garment options are gamma sterilized to an SAL of 10-6
  • DuPont offers Full traceability on all sterilized apparel

With the DuPont Controlled Environments offering, you get the advantage of a wide range of proven, science-based solutions that help keep your cleanroom environment protected.

For more information about Cleanroom Apparel, visit DuPont™ SafeSPEC™