Nomex® for automotive heat shield


Nomex® Improves Performance and Durability of Automotive Heat Shield

From passenger cars and light trucks to professional racecars, the inherent heat and flame resistance of DuPont™ Nomex® plays an important role in improving the safety and performance of various automotive components.  Sheet structures made with DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber are lightweight, durable and provide proven protection against intense heat and flames, making them ideal for automotive heat shield and other high-temperature automotive applications.  A material of choice for automotive heat shield and insulation shields for spark plug leads, Nomex® is also commonly used in other under-the-hood components such as the flexible, high-temperature hoses that feed hot air to inlet manifolds and turbocharger hoses.   Nomex® helps keep radiator hoses from bursting and other crucial automotive parts from experiencing premature failure due to the deteriorating effects of intense heat.  Simply stated, with its inherent heat and flame resistance, Nomex® helps enable peak performance mile after mile. 

Uses and applications

Automotive Components Reinforcements

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Heat Shields & Insulation Shields

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