Crepe paper made with Nomex®


Nomex® Insulating Crepe Paper Features Elasticity and Conformability

From automatic and manual wrapping of leads to continuous transposed cable wrap, insulating crepe paper made with DuPont™ Nomex® is an ideal choice for applications requiring a high degree of conformability.

Insulating crepe paper made with Nomex® is produced in tape form by high-quality fabricators. Creping allows the Nomex® paper to have significantly better elongation, which enables use in a broader range of electrical insulation applications. 

In addition to excellent elasticity, conformability and stretch, insulating crepe paper made with Nomex® provides inherent properties of the Nomex® paper that is being creped.  Please consult the authorized distributors of the insulating crepe paper for the specific UL rating and performance characteristics.

Insulating Crepe Paper made with Nomex® 411

Nomex® 411 is an uncalendered paper with low density, a high degree of absorption and relatively lower dielectric strength than Nomex® 410. 

It is used where high bulk and conformability, along with increased impregnability and saturability, are of prime importance. 

Creping increases stretch and conformability to the levels required for the wrapping of conducting parts containing severe bending angles and flexible tubes, as well as tapes for wrapping leads in liquid-immersed transformers.

Insulating Crepe Paper made with Nomex® 410  

Nomex® 410 is a high-density paper with excellent mechanical and electrical strength.  It is broadly used as a wire wrap material in many transformer and motor applications.

The high degree of stretch resulting from creping allows excellent conformability in the wrapping of conducting parts.  The superior mechanical strength supports a high degree of tension and tight fit for wrapping parts by machine or by hand.  Although the density is high, this product is thin enough to provide adequate absorption of fluids and resins.

Insulating crepe paper made with Nomex® 410 is well suited for applications where the user prefers—or is required—to provide a high dielectric resistance in high-voltage applications.

Insulating Crepe Paper made with Nomex® 910

Nomex® 910 is a unique insulating material comprised of high-quality, electrical-grade cellulose pulp and web-like binders made from the same high-temperature polymer as other Nomex® papers.  It exhibits physical and electrical properties that are between Nomex® 410 and cellulosic papers.

Nomex® 910 is designed specifically for use in liquid-immersed transformers.  In cases where higher elasticity is needed for wire wrapping applications in liquid-immersed transformers, insulating crepe paper made with Nomex® 910 can address these needs.

For additional information about insulating crepe paper made with Nomex®, contact an authorized distributor.



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ABB’s Rapid Recovery Transformer Initiative

ABB, partnering with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), delivered three modular transformers from its St. Louis, Missouri facility to a Texas substation within 20 hours in an emergency drill.  These transformers designed with DuPont™ Nomex® high-temperature insulation can be shipped and fully energized in less than a week.

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Reliable Generator Insulation

Nomex® papers and Nomex® based laminates are materials of choice for generator insulation in virtually all types of rotating equipment, helping to improve reliability and extend service life.

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