Cyrel® EASY Plates


The Cyrel® EASY Plate Portfolio, with the FTD Built-In, Simplifies Flexographic Platemaking with Beautiful Results

The Cyrel® EASY platform simplifies the prepress process by building the flat top digital dot directly into the plate, resulting in increased productivity and consistency. Cyrel® EASY plates are based upon a polymer that produces higher ink transfer and higher resolution, plus customer testing has shown significantly higher SID without compromising on highlights.

Cyrel® EASY plates are available for FAST/thermal and solvent processing and in engineered and smooth surfaces. And for multiple applications from Flexible Packaging, Tag & Label, Corrugated and others.

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The new member of the EASY plate family of flat top dot plates for the thermal Cyrel® FAST platform

With medium hardness and an optimized formulation for printing on a wide variety of paper substrates, this new plate achieves excellent ink transfer on coated, uncoated, rough, and recycled papers while maintaining strong print performance on film. Cyrel® EASY FAST EFM features built-in flat top dot technology which delivers wide printing latitude. It has a smooth surface, ideally suited for the micro-screening of solids, which results in exceptionally high ink transfer and low dot gain.

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Meet the EASY R Family

Cyrel® EASY R is the new family of the Cyrel® EASY platform that maintains all the benefits of this technology while adding on new key attributes which make the plates even easier to handle in the plate room and perform better on press. 

Get increased dot robustness, longer runs in press and more consistency in printing with our latest technology. Check the complete plate portfolio

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Key Benefits

  • Simplified workflow (no lamination)
  • Consistency
  • Quicker come up to color
  • Reduced errors and rework
  • Impression latitude
Cost Savings
  • No need to invest in nitrogen exposure unit, special exposure technology or lamination equipment to get flat top dots
  • High ink transfer and color saturation
  • Improved mid-tones and highlights
  • Print quality consistency throughout a run and from run-to-run
Press Performance
  • Print consistency across multiple press locations
  • Improved SID with excellent fade to zero
  • Higher press speeds
  • High durability on press