Cyrel® Round Systems


Cyrel® Round Systems for High-Quality Precision Printing


Cyrel® FAST Round and Cyrel® Solvent Round Systems are complete digital sleeve production solutions that combine the flexibility, speed and efficiency of flexo printing with the precision and reliability of gravure.​

​The Round Systems consist of a family of ready-to-image printing sleeves, that can be made directly from digital data, without any image distortion or mounting tolerances, supported by complementary equipment for ultraviolet (UV) exposure, processing, drying (for solvent systems) and finishing.​

The sleeves are imaged by Cyrel® Digital Imagers (CDIs) or other sleeve capable computer-to-plate systems.


Key Benefits

High Quality

Delivers a continuous flexo form for high quality precision printing


Enables plate access time of less than one hour for four photopolymer sleeves​

Smaller Footprint

Features a very low environmental footprint

Multiple Segment

Is ideal for tag & label and flexible packaging applications up to 55 in. wide


Equipment & Sleeves Data Sheets

Cyrel® Round Equipment

Cyrel® Round EX 1450 | FAST thermal sleeve exposure device

Cyrel® Round FR 1450 | FAST thermal sleeve processor

Cyrel® Round LF 1450 | FAST thermal sleeve light finisher

Cyrel® Round Sleeves

Cyrel® FAST Round Classic | Digital Thermal - photopolymer sleeve

Cyrel® FAST Round Thin | Digital Thermal - photopolymer sleeve

Cyrel® Round Classic | Digital Solvent - photopolymer sleeve

Cyrel® Round Thin | Digital Solvent - photopolymer sleeve