MULTIFLEXThermoplastic Elastomers

Interior, front seat of new car

MULTIFLEXthermoplastic elastomers from DuPont are excellent replacements for thermoset rubber in highly demanding automotive applications. They help reduce costs through streamlined processing and combine design freedom with recyclability.

From interior features such as cup holders and mat bins to airbag covers and exterior weather seals, MULTIFLEXoffers the industry exceptionally high performance in a wide range of applications. In addition to exceptional colorability and resistance to color degradation, it is resistant to alcohols, acids, aqueous solutions, bases, and detergents. Plus, it has high thermal and electrical properties. 

  • Airbag covers
  • Soft-touch trim
  • Mats for bins and cup holders
  • Climate control seals
  • Shift boots
  • Semi-dynamic and static weather seals
  • Trim-to-glass or trim-to-metal seals
  • Glass encapsulation
  • Excellent colorability aesthetics 
  • Resistant to color degradation, particularly after exposure to UV radiation
  • Low compression set within a wide temperature range
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Excellent resistance to alcohols, acids, aqueous solutions, bases, and detergents
  • High electrical and thermal properties


MULTIFLEXis driving a new era of innovation with high-performing thermoplastic elastomers that enable the design of next-generation products.