Nomex® 300 Series


Nomex® 300 Series for Less-Demanding Electrical Applications

The DuPont™ Nomex® 300 Series is a family of insulation products for less-demanding electrical applications where the full temperature resistance and/or mechanical strength of Nomex® 410 is not required.

Designed specifically to address the less-demanding requirements and increased cost constraints of electrical applications such as white goods, power tools and small HVAC units, the Nomex® 300 Series provides good value-in-use. 

The Nomex® 300 Series is based on the same technologies as Nomex® 410, offering outstanding performance and reliability while featuring less mechanical and electrical strength compared to Nomex® 410.

So, when you need a cost-effective solution for your less-demanding electrical applications and you want the proven performance and long-term reliability of Nomex® brand electrical insulation, choose the Nomex® 300 Series.

Nomex® 356

Nomex® 356 is a medium density paper that exhibits properties that are midway between Nomex® 410 and Nomex® 411.  Designed for use as layer insulation within transformers and as phase insulation in hand-wound motors, it could also be used effectively as electrical and thermal barriers in appliance and electronic equipment applications.  Nomex® 356 is produced in six thicknesses ranging from 0.13 mm (5 mil) to 0.51 mm (20 mil), with densities ranging from 0.66 g/cc to 0.68 g/cc.



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