DuPont™ Solamet® PV20x Front Side Silver Paste Enables Efficiency Premium on P-type PERC Solar Cells

Features include:

  • Superior contact to enhanced LDEs and high RSheet emitters (Mono & Multi) at significantly lower firing temperatures
  • Proprietary Tellurium technology further reduces surface recombination losses and junction damage and lowers contact resistance
  • Gains >0.1% efficiency demonstrated in production

Designed to work synergistically to maximize PERC efficiencies

Gains >0.1% efficiency demonstrated in production

  • Improved Voc from minimized surface recombination without trade-off in fill factor (FF) at lower firing temperatures
  • Improved open circuit voltage (Voc) from minimized paste induced rear passivation damage
  • Better short circuit current (Jsc) from improved fine line capability
  • Good back surface field (BSF) formation on localized contact

Provides proven module reliability

  • Demonstrated strong adhesion to passivation layers
  • Minimized Kirkendall voids
  • Reliable module performance after climate chamber test

Solamet® Rear Side Offerings for Local Back Surface Field Solar Cell Designs

Solamet® Rear Side Silver Pastes for PERC

DuPont™ Solamet® PV56S photovoltaic metallization back side paste is a highly conductive solderable silver composition, providing excellent adhesion to SiNx on localized back surface field cells.

Product Benefits:

  • Non fire-through capability
  • High adhesion with low consumption
  • Co-fireable with Solamet® front side silver and back side aluminum
  • Cadmium free*

Solamet® PV Aluminum Metallization Pastes for PERC

DuPont™ Solamet® PV36x series photovoltaic metallization pastes enable up to 0.8 percent greater efficiency with LBSF cell designs. 

Product benefits :

  • Very good local BSF formation with minimum voiding
  • High adhesion on passivation layer (SiO2/SiNx, Al2O3/SiNx stacks) with no dielectric damage
  • Fast drying and firing
  • Low electrical resistivity after firing