New Generation Silver/Aluminum High-Efficiency Paste for P-type Emitters

DuPont™ Solamet® PV3Nx photovoltaic metallization pastes are the latest silver/aluminum high-efficiency pastes for p-type emitters. They are co-firable with other silver conductors such as PV19x pastes.

The newest in this series, Solamet® PV3N2 paste, provides 30-40% better contact resistivity on b-doped emitters compared to Solamet® PV3N1 paste.

Additional features include:

  • Fine line printability for gridlines with screen printing
  • Fire-through passivation layer
  • Low contact resistivity on B-doped emitter layer
  • High conductivity due to low gridline resistivity
  • Co-fireable with rear side contacts
  • Good solderability and adhesion

Solutions for N-type IBC

One Paste Solutions 

  • One paste for both p-type and n-type (ready for sampling)
  • Non-fire through (need contact via opening process)
  • Firing temperature : 550℃ – 600℃
  • Already used in mass production.