Chassis, Interiors & Exteriors


Consumer needs drive design, and we have the expertise, materials, and testing capabilities to deliver on those expectations

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers strive to reduce weight and cost while improving performance and safety. We collaborate with them to achieve these goals for innovative solutions that address:
• Chassis structural systems
• Interiors
• Exteriors 
• Noise, vibration, and harshness
• Safety


Comfort, convenience, style, and performance

Our solutions portfolio includes a full range of materials as well as specialty adhesives to help with:

• Durability
• Emissions reductions
• Vehicle electrification
• Passenger comfort

Our engineers then work bench-to-bench with our customers to provide additional design capabilities and NVH modeling. Looking ahead, we see opportunities to support the advancement of both ICE and electric vehicle development and ways to improve the driver/passenger experience.



anti-vibration suspension icon

Anti-vibration & suspension systems

We offer a variety of solutions to help absorb vibration in engine mounts, battery isolators, and structural components

automotive lighting icon

Automotive lighting

As LED lighting and sensors become more widely specified, our portfolio has expanded to accommodate this growth

boots and bellows icon

Boots & bellows

Get heat- and chemical-resistance, strength, and durability from our solutions for boots, bellows, and jounce bumpers

fluid management icon

Fluid management tubing

Get resilience, heat- and chemical-resistance, strength, and durability from our advanced materials


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Safety restraint systems

Safety is a high priority on everyone’s list and ours includes both safety restraint systems and airbag covers

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Small electric motors

Advanced materials for small electric motors that reliably operate windows, wipers, liftgates, and more