Driveline Components


High-performance Vespel® driveline components help control friction, limit wear, and reduce risk of seizure 

DuPont™ Vespel® parts help cut energy loss from friction to make drivelines more efficient, durable, lighter, and more robust. Vespel® is reliable under demanding loads and in poor lubricating conditions. Plus, it allows engineers to push PV limits even under low lubrication conditions.


Vespel® components have a higher durability and better reliability than comparable materials. Automakers choose Vespel® driveline components because they:

• Lower the risk of seizure
• Do not melt
• Show low wear even under demanding PV limits 
• Maintain outstanding dimensional stability at high temperatures 
• Allow for downsizing and weight reduction
• Resist typical transmission lubricants and greases
• Perform with ultra-low viscosity lubricants
• Provide torque loss reduction due to excellent friction performance

In driveline applications, Vespel® parts—such as seal rings, thrust washers, bushings, and fork pads—excel in:

• Automatic, CVT (continuously variable), and dual clutch transmissions
• Transfer cases
• Torque converters
• Other driveline components

Long life and cost-effective solutions

In heavy-duty off-road transmissions and hydraulic motors, Vespel® seal rings and thrust washers deliver long life and cost-effective solutions to meet short lead time demands and production volume requirements.


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